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Terms and conditions of service provision at

Present Terms determine the terms and conditions of using (hereinafter referred to as “the Site”), as well as the rights, obligations, liability and other provisions of the Users (hereinafter referred to as “the Terms”). Before using and services provided by the Company, the User shall carefully read and understand these Terms.

Present Terms shall not be used to limit or, in any manner, interpreted as limiting the consumers’ rights under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.

The right to use services of shall be referred only to those who, according to the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania, may enter into corresponding agreements. The Users in the context of present Terms shall be any users of the Website (hereinafter referred to as “the User”).

If you have any additional questions regarding these Terms, the managers of will be pleased to answer them by: tel. +370 68687811, or by

Please note that these Terms are subject to unilateral change by the Company without its prior notice. Therefore, we recommend the User to periodically check these Terms.

  1. The use and interpretation of the Terms.

1.1. This document shall be the agreement between UAB Inlegal PRO (legal entity code 304291346, VAT number LT100011233910, address A. Vienuolio g. 4, LT-01104 Vilnius, Lithuania, e-mail: (hereinafter – WWW.INLEGAL.EU), which legally owns, and the User regarding the terms of using the website.

1.2. By using and its services, the User agrees to comply with its Terms. By accepting the Terms, the User confirms his/her right to choose and purchase services at

1.3. Use of the Website in the context of present Terms includes the performance of any actions, when adding the User to the Website. In the context hereof, the Services comprise of any actions that the User can perform on the Website, including, but not limited to searching for additional legal information, selecting products and services, ordering and paying for service, writing questions, references and comments, sending or receiving any information or data (“the Services”). The User using the Website and/or the Services in any form or by any means, agrees to comply with all the requirements set forth in these Terms. If the user does not agree to comply all the requirements set forth in these Terms, but uses the system and its services (WWW.INLEGAL.EU), UAB Inlegal PRO shall not be responsible for any loss suffered by and caused by the User. The User who does not accept these Terms shall not have the right to use any Services on the Website.

1.4. In addition to these Terms, the relations between the User and WWW.INLEGAL.EU shall be governed by the provisions of legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, other special terms and the Privacy policy provided on the Site.

1.5. If any provision of these Terms is inconsistent with the law or for any reason becomes fully or partially invalid, other provisions hereof shall remain in force.

  1. General terms and conditions

2.1. WWW.INLEGAL.EU provides the users with virtual space, i.e. The opportunity for users to find the desired service or product, as well as to order it an pay for it on the website.

2.2. All notifications and information between the User and WWW.INLEGAL.EU shall be sent electronically to the addresses provided in these Terms or on the Site (unless otherwise specified).

2.3. The User familiarises himself/herself with the Terms and agrees to follow it by stating: “I read and accept the Terms”.

  1. Obligations and confirmations of the user

3.1. The User shall:

3.1.1. Provide correct and complete private information including his/her full name, registration address? available telephone number and e-mail;

3.1.2. not use the Website and/or its Services to work on false orders.  Otherwise, WWW.INLEGAL.EU has the right to take corresponding measures for loss indemnification;

3.1.3. to compensate WWW.INLEGAL.EU for the loss due to the User’s fault, by indicating an incorrect address, telephone number, as well as in case when the User neither answered the call nor called back to the indicated telephone number if it had been agreed.

3.2. The User represents and warrants:

3.2.1. he/she is 18+;

3.2.2. he/she understands the Terms and the fact that the use of the Website and its Services entails the legal obligation to pay for a product and/or service ordered at WWW.INLEGAL.EU.

3.2.3. to protect login (or username) and password (if provided to the User) from transferring it to the third parties, except for those authorized by the User to act on his/her behalf when using the Services;

3.3. By ordering a product and/or service at WWW.INLEGAL.EU, the User confirms:

3.3.1. to be an individual or a legal entity having full powers and rights to order a product and/or service offered by this Site;

3.3.2. to properly fulfill his/her obligations set forth in p. 3.1. of the Terms;

3.3.3. to understand and agree that WWW.INLEGAL.EU shall handle user’s data under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and the Privacy policy.

  1. Obligations and confirmations of WWW.INLEGAL.EU

4.1. WWW.INLEGAL.EU shall:

4.1.1. provide a web-space for the user to familiarise himself/herself with products and/or services on the website, as well as to order and pay for such Service;

4.1.2. provide you with an additional information by tel. +370 68687811, or by in case you have any problems with the order.

4.2. WWW.INLEGAL.EU confirms that the Services are provided in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and do not contradict it.

4.3. WWW.INLEGAL.EU represents:

4.3.1. to be willing to ensure the accuracy and relevance of the provided information on products, services and other data, but not to be responsible for the accuracy of information provided by the third parties.

  1. Price and payment

5.1. Prices for the Services on the Site are specified including a value -added tax (VAT). The cost of Services may vary depending on the country of residence of the User. The Services shall be payed via e-bank, payment card or by cash.

  1. Site availability

6.1. WWW.INLEGAL.EU is available 24 hours a day.

6.2. In order to improve Service quality, the Website may not be available at any time during the day or for an indefinite period of time.

6.3. WWW.INLEGAL.EU uses the most advanced data protection tools and protects data of each user. However, it should be noted that WWW.INLEGAL.EU does not provide an absolute guarantee of data protection, leaving this risk on the side of the User.

  1. Restricting access/shutting off

7.1. WWW.INLEGAL.EU reserves the right at any time and without prior notice to restrict an acces to the Site and its services, if:

7.1.1. WWW.INLEGAL.EU doubts the information provided by the User according to p.3 of the Terms;

7.1.2. The User allegedly violates the Terms of the Site;

7.1.3. In other cases set forth in the Privacy policy.

  1. Cookie policy

8.1. The User understands and agrees that WWW.INLEGAL.EU will collect information about Users with the help of cookie files.

8.2. Cookies are passive files stored on your computer or another IT-equipment. Cookie files do not threat your devices. When looking through an internet site, the browser reads cookie files and provides information, for example, to recognize the User as a visitor of the Site and adapt a content of the Site to the User’s needs.

8.3. Cookies cannot be used for your own identification, but WWW.INLEGAL.EU in combination with other information about you, if stored with us, may use it for analysing visits from your computer or other IT-equipment. The collected data are used only in accordance with the applicable law. Please note that the information is saved only in case, if you gave your consent for using cookie files.

8.4. WWW.INLEGAL.EU uses cookie data in the course of its normal activity, as well as to provide various solutions. We also use cookies to collect statistics, which, for example, can be used to improve our website and adapt its use to the needs of the visitors.

8.5. WWW.INLEGAL.EU uses cookie for the following purposes:

8.5.1. to provide hight quality services. By storing certain information in documents or linking cookie files to registration of a user profile on the Site, WWW.INLEGAL.EU can provide the Services much faster and more efficiently for a greater number of visitors. This information is usually stored encrypted and can be decrypted only by WWW.INLEGAL.EU;

8.5.2. to protect the User from unauthorized use of his/her data to enter the system;

8.5.3. to follow the statistics such as the number of visitors and traffic. Such information is not related to personal information of the user.

8.6. The User cannot delete his/her own cookie files at WWW.INLEGAL.EU, but all browsers the user to delete cookie files one by one or all at once. The procedure for deleting cookie files depends on  the browser used by the User. If you use more than one browser, be sure to delete cookie in each browser.

  1. Intellectual property rights

9.1. UAB Inlegal PRO is fully entitled for the content at WWW.INLEGAL.EU and has an exclusive right for its use. All trademarks, designs, names, logos provided on the Site shall be the property of WWW.INLEGAL.EU.

9.2. Any processing, copying and/or other use of the content, design and etc. by the third parties without written consent from the part of WWW.INLEGAL.EU shall be considered as violation of its intellectual property rights.

9.3. The Terms of use and Privacy policy shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Failure to comply with the Terms and the Policy entails legal liability.


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