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Chief Executive Officer

„Don’t rest! Life gallops away; go and dare while you’re still alive. Leave behind something powerful and majestic, something that will overcome time.“


We are a legal company that aims to help our clients create and manage a business. We have extensive experience in opening of new companies, obtaining licenses, employment and migration issues and providing accounting services. We cooperate with experienced notaries and advocates, so we can offer a full package of services.

Our main goal is to listen to the client’s needs and goals and offer a professional solution.


We have professional experience in various fields, which allows us to offer our customers from the simplest to the most complex complex solutions. We know the specifics of various business sectors, so we can provide the professional services.


years of experience in the market


companies sold


years professional experiences

> 230

long-term customers


Chief Financial Officer

„I desire to win, so I accept the challenges.“



„The greatest human merit is perseverance in overcoming the most difficult obstacles.“


Our company aims to create the long-term and loyal relationships with customers. Professional, high-quality and timely customer service is important for us. In order to ensure high quality of services and professionalism of our company’s representatives, we constantly improve our knowledge and skills. We take care of our customers as much as possible, giving them a lot of attention, listening to their needs and offering the most suitable solution.


How to open a new company in Lithuania? We can offer You to buy a new ready-made company in Lithuania or register a new company with Your name.

Buying a ready-made company is the fastest and easiest way to start Your own business. You can start the activities immediately after an acquisition deal is ended. Each company can conduct any type of business activities (this is already prescribed in advance within a registration). If You prefer to register a company with Your name, we can also resolve this issue. For a beginning we will check Your chosen name in all databases, and then we will register a new company for You.
The main legal forms of business in Lithuania are UAB (Joint Stock Company), IĮ (Individual Enterprise), MB (Small Partnership) and VŠĮ (Public Institution).

When purchasing a ready-made company or registering a new company with Your name, You get a full package of documents, legal address, company stamp. All the documents can be signed both in our office and remotely.

With the help of our professional consultants, You can decide which business start-up solution would be the best for You.


“Excellent Purchase! We recently acquired a new firm with a transport license, and we couldn’t be happier with our decision. The entire process was incredibly smooth, from negotiations to the transfer of the license. Having a ready-to-go license has accelerated our entry into the transport industry.”

  Oliver, 4 august 2023

“I had a good experience opening a bank account in Lithuania with InLegal PRO. Their team was knowledgeable and provided detailed guidance throughout the process. They made sure all the paperwork was in order, and I didn’t face any delays or issues. Their efficiency and professionalism truly set them apart!”

  Ana, 24 july 2023

“Opening an account in Lithuania with Inlegal PRO was a breeze! Their team guided me through the entire process, making sure all the necessary documents were in order. The account setup was quick and hassle-free. I appreciate their professionalism and efficiency, and I feel confident knowing my business funds are in safe hands.”

  Amalia, 4 july 2023

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