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1.Cookie Policy of WWW.INLEGAL.EU

1.1. The User understands and agrees that WWW.INLEGAL.EU will collect information about the Users using cookies.

1.2. Cookies are passive files stored on your computer or other IT equipment. Cookies do not pose a threat to devices. When browsing the Internet site, the browser reads cookies and provides information, for example, to recognize the User as a visitor of the Site and to adapt the contents of the Site to the needs of the User.

1.3. Cookies cannot be used for your personal identification, but WWW.INLEGAL.EU may, in combination with other information about you, if it is stored by us, use them to analyze visits from your computer or other IT equipment. The collected data is used only in accordance with applicable law. Please note that information will be saved only if you consent to use cookies.

1.4. WWW.INLEGAL.EU uses cookie data in the course of its normal activities and to provide various solutions. We also use cookies to collect statistics, which, for example, can be used to improve our website and to adapt its use to the needs of the website visitors.

1.5. WWW.INLEGAL.EU uses cookies for the following purposes:

1.5.1 provide high quality services. By storing certain information in documents or by linking cookies to registering the User profile on the Site, WWW.INLEGAL.EU can provide the Services much faster and more efficiently for more visitors. This information is usually stored in encrypted form, which can only be decrypted by WWW.INLEGAL.EU;

1.5.2. protect the User from unauthorized use of his / her data to enter the system;

1.5.3. track statistics such as number of visitors and traffic. Such information is not related to the User’s personal information.

1.6. The User cannot delete his / her own cookies on WWW.INLEGAL.EU, but all browsers allow the User to delete cookies separately or collectively. The procedure for deleting cookies depends on the browser used by the User. If you use more than one browser, be sure to delete the cookie in all of them.

2.Intellectual Property Rights

2.1. UAB Inlegal PRO is the owner of all rights to WWW.INLEGAL.EU content and has the exclusive right to use it. All trademarks, designs, names, logos, etc. of the Services displayed on the Site are the property of WWW.INLEGAL.EU.

2.2. Any processing, copying and / or other use of the contents, design and / or other use of WWW.INLEGAL.EU by third parties without the written permission of WWW.INLEGAL.EU and / or in violation of the Rules constitutes copyright infringement.

2.3. The terms of use of the Site and the Privacy Policy will be governed by laws of the Republic of Lithuania. Failure to comply with the terms of the Website and / or the Privacy Policy will carry legal liability.


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